SIM-CI: An Alliander innovation

SIM-CI stand for Simulating Critical Infrastructures. Such as communications, transportation, utilities, trade and banking networks are the lifelines of our prosperity and safety.

Using the latest deep-learning technologies and VR/AR tooling SIM-CI applies this 360 degree approach by inventing tools and providing expertise in risk management of interdependent networks.  They create a complete bespoke suite of products indispensable to operational and assets management. SIM-CI’s products make service and maintenance of networks and assets more resilient, sustainable and future-proof.

Being a blooming startup, SIM-CI had great needs in order to tell its story in a non-tech way. This meant all-hands-on-deck. It was a very fulfilling project as I was able to create everything from new branding and identity to bringing it to life across almost all touchpoint – print, digital, in-store and events.

Alliander App - infrastructure